Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Are You In A Relationship? If You Are, Are You Satisfied With The Extent Of Sex And Intimacy That You Are Getting? Are You Uncertain? For Many Men And Women, This Question Is A Lot Tougher To Answer Than It Looks.

If You Are Unsure As To Whether Or Not Your Sex Life Is Good, It May Be Time For You To Discover. Why? Because If You Are Happy With The Amount Of Intimacy That You Are Getting, You Should Be Sure To Tell Your Partner Occasionally. Doing So Can Help To Enhance Your Relationship. On The Other Hand, If You Are Not Pleased With The Level Of Intimacy Received, It May Be Time For You To Make A Change, Like Experimenting In The Bedroom.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Experimentation in the bedroom for a better sex life? Now What?

Improve your sex life

So you want to try experimenting in the bedroom?

If you are bored with your sex life, and you have considered spicing things up a bit in the bedroom by experimenting. Be assured, it is a good decision and one you will ultimately be happy with. An excellent way to revive or bring more joy to a relationship is to try something out of the ordinary. It can also permit couples to reach new heights of pleasure and satisfaction which can lead to a better sex life.

When it comes to experimenting, it is important to remember that there are several different ways to experiment in the bedroom. It doesn`t have to involve something that would be uncomfortable if revealed to anyone and it certainly doesn`t need to include a third person. Experimenting can mean something as easy as trying a different position.

Although numerous people, like yourself, want to experiment, many are afraid to talk to their partner about it. Why? Because there is an evident height of fear concerning this subject. What if your partner is content with the sex the way it is, or considers the possibility that they aren’t giving you pleasure or satisfying you enough? What if your sex partner supposes that you have lost your mind? These are all legitimate thoughts that you are considering, but don’t let that prevent you from approaching the subject. Just be tender with your style. Your partner may unthinkingly assume that they aren’t pleasing enough for you. Although this may not be what you mean, it is still likely reaction. If your partner asks, immediately still their fears. Let them know that you think that experimenting in the bedroom may very well heighten the pleasure and satisfaction for the both of you. This approach has a tendency to work wonders.

As it was previously addressed a lot of times when people hear “experimenting in the bedroom“, they may automatically think of an embarrassing and sometimes even humiliating encounter. If you are just looking to try a new sex position, to initiate the use of sex toys, or movies, be sure to let your partner know immediately. Do not give them the slightest inclination that you mean something else. Doing so can change the way that your partner sees you, both inside and outside of the bedroom.

In addition, give them the opportunity to express their wants and desires. This is an obvious, yet crucial step to take. First, it is important to remember that intimacy should involves both people experiencing the utmost pleasure, not just one. This will help reassure your partner that you are not just looking to enhance your satisfaction. Including their wants and needs when it comes to the sex will go to show that you want to improve the overall sexual experience, not just yours.

You never know your partner may have been thinking about spicing up your sex life too!!
Despite the fact that experimenting in the bedroom may sometimes be a tricky issue to deal with, it is one that you will want to discuss. If it leads to better sex for life..I don’t see how that could hurt. A healthy and happy sex life is a vital element of any intimate relationship. By approaching the matter tactfully, you and your partner could soon be having wild, pleasurable sex before you knew what hit you!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Do You Need to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Are you in an intimate relationship? If you are, are you presently pleased, in terms of the sex? If not this will help you to figure out why and even give you suggestions on how to enhance your love life. Intimacy should not be overlooked. First and foremost, it is imperative to make sure that you and your significant other have fun together outside of the bedroom and do not frequently argue.

To further assist you in determining if your sex life needs enhancing, please, continue reading on, as a small number of reasons that it may are discussed below.

What? You don’t even have sex?...HELLO!! Not being intimate with your partner at all is a good sign, to say the least, that your sex life could use an overhaul. Before going on any further, it is essential to establish the reason why you and your partner are not being intimate. Do you reject intimacy with your partner? Do you put off going to bed with them in fear of being intimate? Do you not feel the need to be or even yearn for it? Is stress, work, or children getting in the way? Determining the root of the problem is the best way to put an end to it.

If you do have sex, how frequently does it happen? Not being intimate with your partner enough is an added warning that your sex life needs improving. When determining what is the suitable amount of times to be intimate for your needs, you will find that it depends on a number of factors, which should all be taken into consideration such as your family and your work schedule. With that said, discovering how to make time for intimacy, is an essential component of having a happy and healthy relationship.

Another sign that your love life may need improving is if the sex that you do have is dull, boring, and no longer exciting. This is a common problem among couples. A dull or boring sex life can have a negative impact on a relationship. Once you find it becoming an unpleasant task you have to perform or it seems like a responsibility, action needs to be taken immediately. Intimacy is key. With that being said, not just any intimacy will be suffice. You ought to be eager to go to the bedroom with your partner and you should finish the encounter feeling fulfilled.

If you and your significant other are becoming increasingly distant, it could be a sign that your sex life needs to be enhanced. Why? As previously confirmed, intimacy is an essential factor in having a happy and healthy relationship. Although your relationship should not revolve around the area of sex, research shows that it should be an essential part of it. If you and your partner are growing distant, seriously consider using the bedroom to create the enhancements. When you do so, you may ultimately end up seeing the rest of your relationship properly
fall in place.

If a few of, or even one of the above discussed situations pertain to you and your sex life, it may be crucial to make a few changes in order to improve it. I’ll say it again, intimacy deserves your attention. The good news is that it is easy to accomplish. If you can’t seem to find the time for intimacy, make time, even if you have to stay up later or get up earlier. Spontaneity often leads to an increase in interest. If your sexual encounters are uninteresting and tedious, you may benefit from experimentation. Keep an open mind and discuss this option with
your partner. There are a number of ways to experiment in the bedroom. A new position or the use of sex toys, for example may really be, just what your relationship desires!

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog about spicing up your sex life!

Through my series of posts you will learn ways to spice up a sex life that getting a little on the dull side!